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As I said in previous pages, I was never too pleased with how comic books handle angels and demons. Until Jason Aaron took over, most of the Ghost Riders' foes just felt like super villains that talk a lot and were only super natural because they told you so. Spawn has Violator and bonafide angels, but his series' emphasis on guns always made them feel awfully mortal and killable to me. Hellboy fights Lovecraft monsters and Nazis, so angels and demons were never his bag anyway.

To me, angels and demons need to be the strongest guys in the bar to feel authentic. They're eons older than us and literally a higher species than us, so there's no way we could ever match them for power, let alone kill them as easily as squeezing a trigger. To that end, Apocrypha's angels operate a little differently than you might be used to.

Page three told us that angels are physical constructs of God's power. That means that they're walking masses of energy and that they have almost limitless power at their disposal. I also thought it'd be cool if they could use that energy for more than just flashy entrances before prophets, or flying on feathery wings. The angels of Apocrypha can manifest their energy into weapons, armor, laser blasts and even change the state of their bodies. They're like the Green Lanterns, but they only use one or two consistent weapons rather than whatever comes to mind at any given moment.

With so many powerful beings going at each other armed with their imaginations and strength to back it up, Heaven's in for one Hell of a war...


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