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Oh dip! An incidental character from Page 3 just died in the background! Now you know this war's gettin' real up in here!

Page 5 already explained why God Almighty doesn't directly interfere with the war, but I still felt there needed to be an explanation for how Lucifer could keep his army strong for the entirety of the war. God can obviously just create angels at will, but Lucifer is only someone who aspires to omnipotence, not someone who enjoys it. Thus was born, or created, the Morning Star.

There are other reasons this fortress/factory was put in the story though. Among Lucifer's many names are The Morning Star, which harkens back to his title of "Light-Bearer" and refers to how he wanted shine brighter than everyone else and shows just how special he thought he was. Other tales sum up his motivation for rebelling against God as "He wanted to seat higher than the Creator," or something to that effect. Even in Apocrypha's earliest drafts, Lucifer had a bigass base from which he created his minions. I really liked the symbolism of "seat higher than the Creator," so I made that construct a giant tower with a throne and named it after one of his monikers. The rest is history.

...Thrones are nice, but Lucifer probably should have made it a Laz-E-Boy.


Apocrypha are actually the verses from the bible, but we don't know whether that story shared is a myth or that thing had happened in the past. But what we know is that the story sounds quite amazing and horror.


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