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Now that we know what the war in Heaven is and who the major players are, it's time we meet our narrator and main character, Heques. Heques, as you can tell, is devoutly faithful to God, so he's not the most unbiased narrator. What he lacks in objectivity, however, he makes up for in fighting spirit.

Just like every other angel in Apocrypha, Heques can manipulate the energy constituting his body in a number of ways. His preferred method is to make a battle suit with prehensile talons and dreadlocks and a mask to inspire fear into his enemies. You'll see this suit in action throughout the rest of the book.

Earlier drafts of the story opened with Heques' creation, but most people I workshopped with never heard of the war in Heaven, so I had to elaborate more on that before I could get into the hero. Heques may be a late bloomer, but he'll be making up for all the time he lost and then some.


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