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Wha? Where'd Heques go? Just as we were getting to know our main character, the scene changes to somebody else. As you can tell by Heques' narration, however, this is his commander in the war, so this scene is far from irrelevant.

Say hello to Justine, a frontline commander in God's army. Given that angels in Apocrypha predate humans by eons, they came up with quite a few things that invented we thought we invented long before we even existed! Justine uses her energy to construct a powerful sword, some odd millenia before the first knight ever swung a metal blade. Many things angels did would go on to subconsciously inspire humans in their works, both violent and peaceful.

Justine kicked a little ass here, but it looks like she's in trouble now as the super-sophisticated Lucifer commander has his garish soldier apply a bigass laser beam to her. Will she survive, or does Heques' troop face the prospect of war without a leader? Tune in next week to find out!

PS- Who can spot the TV reference in this page? I'll give you a hint, it's from an 80's cartoon. 10 dream dollars to the first person to figure it out...if you think they're worth anything, you're dreaming.

PS2- Thank you for that "dream dollar" line, Drew Carey.



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