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Justine put up a good fight, but even she can't turn the tide of battle on her own; her last attack was mostly a performance to convince her colleague that she didn't need any help. Now that all of her subordinates have safely retreated, Justine can face death with the dignity of knowing she fulfilled her duty.

Given her humorless devotion to law and order, many angels in God's army mistake Justine for being heartless. Although she has no patience for anyone who disregards an order, she only adheres to chains of command she agrees with and follows them because she is convinced that they're the right ones to follow. She stayed loyal to God because she viewed Him as a benevolent creator and the logical choice for guardian of the cosmos; she views Lucifer and his legions as little more than self-centered upstarts lacking the wisdom to run a civilization. Had she disagreed with God's judgement, she would have left Him in a heartbeat.

Aside from simply obeying orders, Justine holds those in command to the highest standards, including herself. As far as she is concerned, a leader's primary responsibility is to their underlings and their well-being. In this battle, Justine knew her forces were outmatched and ordered a retreat. As commander, she considers it her responsibility to get each and every last soldier safely out of harm's way, even if she has to stay there herself...


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