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So that mystery lighting came from Heques' bff, Zachary. Heques, like the heroes of epic poems, prefers a straight-forward and glorious battle, but Zachary is a little more pragmatic and clever. You'll learn some more about Zachary as the story progresses.

Although Heques and Justine fight on the same side, you can see they don't get along. If I had to boil their differences down to one sentence, Heques is loyal, Justine is obedient. Like Spock and Bones from Star Trek, they want the same thing (victory for God), but Justine is all logic and rules while Heques can't get through a sentence without a bucket-full of emotion.

Unlike Spock and Bones, however, the respect only goes one way. Justine can tolerate Heques' occasional insubordination and openly questioning her orders because she knows his heart's in the right place and his skills make up for his sass. Heques, however, tends to write Justine off as robotic, only following God's orders because God made her and not because she genuinely believes in Him.


11/08/2016 12:21am

It is all time amazing and I am very thanks for this.

11/08/2016 12:39am

I have checked this page and find it really fun oriented. Very few people have creative skills and you are one of them who know how to convert ideas in a way that people not only like it but also tend to share it with others. Thumbs up for your outstanding art ideas and skills.


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