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This page is a bit of a rarity in Apocrypha. Heques is frothing at the mouth, trying to kill Demiscus in panel one and ends up calm (though far from relieved) when Zachary shows up in panel 6. Going from arch-enemy to best friend in just one page...mood whiplash? Probably not, 'cause Heques is still pretty pissed about Demiscus.

I said it once , and I'll say it again. I like Demiscus. Once I realized that he's a smug prick, he became a blast to write. I would definitely like to use him in a future story. It's not really profound or original, but what can I say? I likes what I likes.

Just like this page, Apocrypha will go from Demiscus to Zachary. Or rather, Heques' perception of him, first-person narration and whatnot.


03/16/2017 10:51pm

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03/16/2017 10:53pm

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