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The threat of Demiscus is gone, but Heques' narration is here to stay. Now that we've seen what Heques is like during battle, this next sequence gives you a little insight to how he behaves in every day life. We also get the scoop on Heques' best bud, Zachary.

Heques lives to serve and serves to live, stressing over every detail in his battle suit and keeping his clothes and hair perfectly neat and rigid...Zachary just rolls outta bed looking good and is much more lax. Zachary likes to talk, gets along with just about everybody (even Justine and the commanding angels) and is often the life of the party...what few parties there are in between the endless battles of this eons-long war. He knows that he and his friends can die any minute, so he tries to make the most of life before it's snuffed out.

Although Apocrypha is oozing with Christian inspiration, Zachary was given a dreidel here to show the shared history of Christianity and Judaism. Considering this story takes place millenia before humanity existed, let alone the divisions between religions, it made sense to show the angels using customs from all over today's world and combining them into one, pre-human culture. Zach also happens to be spinning it on the tip of his thumb because he's just that awesome.

The only inference made in the last panel is that Heques is a social recluse and doesn't do well in crowds (unless he's killing them). While the imagery of Zachary being surrounded by female angels and Heques looking forlorn may present an interesting theory, it'd be totally out of character for everyone involved and any inferences of that nature are purely coincidental. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it you're better off for it.


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