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What the what!? It's Saturday and I'm only now getting around to uploading this page!? Sorry everybody; preparations for Easter celebrations and work have been keeping me busier than I thought.

At long last, we see what happens to Heaven, the loyal angels and Lucifer's army after the war has been won. Big changes coming to the kingdom.

The decision to have all deceased angels resurrected was partly plot-relevant for Zachary and partly just thrown in because it made sense to me. Given that the Christian faith says that all who die will have an afterlife, I couldn't imagine that God would keep all of the angels dead, especially not the ones who fought so hard and for so long for Him. As for Lucifer and his band, Hell is described as a fate worse than death. The good were rewarded and the evil punished worse than they thought possible...Well, their thoughts actually are their punishment.

The next page has one of my favorite images in this comic!


10/11/2015 11:00pm

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