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You'd be surprised how fun it is throwing your characters into Hell-mouths. I cannot recommend it highly enough, even if just for a quick sketch.

Here, we see more about what Hell is like. I'm not entirely sure how, but I got to thinking that if Hell is really supposed to be the worst place in the universe, then it shouldn't just be a one-size-fits-all prison of fire; odd as it may sound, some people might actually like the eternal burning and horrid smells, or at least be able to tolerate them. If Hell is really supposed to be the worst place in the universe, then I think it'd be much more effective if it took the form of whatever its prisoners hated or feared most.

For Beelzebub, the gluttonous liar, she'd probably find herself waking up every morning with no mouth and all of her actions actually help people with their daily lives. For Apollyon, who wanted to destroy all life, he'd go every day with scrawny limbs, looking like a fool as he constantly failed to destroy anything or anyone around him. This person-to-person basis of Hell was apparently used in Married With Children wherein Al Bundy's punishment was to spend eternity with his family (and that's probably the WORST punishment anyone ever got!).

Lucifer, the proud pretty boy that sought to control the universe, is now the hideous monstrosity that we know as Satan. If you spent just 5 minutes researching the Prince of Darkness, you'll see that he has HUNDREDS of names (including Beelzebub, but not in this story, heh heh), so I just knew I had to use that fact in Apocrypha. Lucifer roughly means "light-bearer," so it worked great for his days as a vain warlord who wanted to sit on the highest throne. Satan roughly translates to "the accuser" or "the accused." This name worked all to perfectly for his new status as the cosmos' first criminal and traitor.

His extreme strength of will makes him the only prisoner of Hell to not be caught up in an unending nightmare and retains his freedom of thought. This was inspired by his defiance in Paradise Lost, best illustrated in his famous line, "It is better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven." Of course, ruling in Hell really isn't something to brag about.  All you have is firepits and mindless minions rolling around on the ground as they scream and moan.

One last note is that just as Lucifer was re-branded "Satan," the angels that followed him down to Hell were re-branded "Demons." One last punishment for their crimes and a final reminder that they are forever separated from God from here on out.

Isn't this such a happy page?


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