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Oh look, Zachary got another promotion. How nice for him...

One of the main points of Apocrypha was to show the battle for Heaven from a low-ranking person's perspective, not the famous A-listers from the Bible. That said, I just couldn't pass up on dropping their names here (not to mention, it shows how much of a divide there is between the uppercrust and the frontline grunts). Unfortunately, Michael and Gabriel are the only ones really I know, so they're the only ones I could give specific jobs. Had I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion before I wrote Apocrypha, I'd have probably mentioned more angels here, especially Shamshel (4th Angel for the win!).

As you can see on this page, we're now entering the Book of Genesis, complete with Adam, Eve and the Garden of Eden. I kinda-sorta wanted to mix religion with science for a minute; the Garden of Eden is located in the super continent of Pangaea. Not entirely important to the plot, just something I wanted to throw in.


04/06/2017 3:06am

The apocrypha page 24 mostly updating about another promotion with famous listers from the bible. Thanks for mentioned well topics and info here with this thingstudios blog,keep doing in the same way.


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