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So the story has come full circle. We now see how Paradise was Lost and who was standing over Adam and Eve this whole time.

Eons of dedication have seen Heques sacrifice a lot and expect commendation in return. However, his powerful obedience to the Lord makes him incapable of questioning Him on anything. As a result, he has very few outlets to vent his frustrations on and finds himself making wildly convoluted trains of thought to justify his...questionable actions. He was denied fame during the war that birthed him, so he could only conclude that he was meant for a different purpose.

But is it really God's fault? Are Adam and Eve truly as evil as Heques says they are? Is Zachary really the only thing ruining Heques' life? Or is there something else at play here? A demon much closer to Heques than he could ever he aware of?


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