Woof.  It's sure been a while, hasn't it? Well, let's hope the rest of 2015 is a little more happening than the first two months were.

Anywho, we've got up dates for ya!  The first is a brand new video series.  Technical Masterpiece Theatre is a talk show about wrestling topics.  Watch two d-bags go off-topic, make crap up and use crude Photoshop for your torture...er, enjoyment!  Yeah, go with that last one.

The second update is a new character to the Supberbubs roster.  Say hello to Detective August O'Neil...Well, he's not so much a detective as much an intern...and not so much an intern as much an ulcer.  It's not easy being his supervisor...

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Not Having Funny Idea for a Ph.D Right Now


Has it really been a month since the last episode?  Man...my grasp of time is even worse than I thought it was.

Anywho, sorry for the delay in production.  Getting ready for NYCC 2014 and then going to said event kept me distracted.

If you look in the background in one scene, you'll see a prop for another series that Dr. Paul and I are working on...Provided I cattle-prod my ass into actually working on it.

Special Thanks: To all the other critics out there.  Without you guys making online reviews a popular genre, there would be no Day Critic...which I guess means everyone BUT me will hold it against you...Sorry.


He took an unexpected hiatus, but Day Critic finally makes his triumphant return!

I would like to thank Chynna Miller, Jack Crowder and Nasim Harun for being loyal fans. Their continued interest gave me the motivation to get back on the horse with this series. You can find them online at deviantART:

Chynna: Kanna-Maru
Jack: JackCrowder
Nasim: FantasyTrigger17


You've seen movie critics, comics critics and even genre critics.  Now, there is a critic brazen enough to review an entire day!

But not just any day.  THE UNLUCKIEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Media Used:
"The Price is Wrong" from The Price is Right
Sunny Desktop from SL-Designs.com
"Carpe the Diem" from Clone High

Special Thanks To:
Bologna Taylor

Even the Day Critic needs a day or two off.  He'll be back to doing what he does best (bitching and moaning mostly) on Monday, the 16th.

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Posting Videos a Day Late


Always a day behind, here's another Day Critic!  Wait a minute, why the Hell does he actually look happy!?

Maybe because he's neck-and-neck with Nostalgia Critic!...If you count coming in 2nd place when you type his own name as "neck-and-neck."


Attention patients and visitors, we have a new patient in our Videos Penitentiary, The Day Critic.

You've seen movie critics, comics critics and even genre critics.  Now, there's a critic brazen enough to review an ENTIRE DAY!

We hope to make this patient into a recurring series, so please be nice to him...Or at least not stab him right away.

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Whining

Hello, and welcome to Thing Studios.  We are an institution that provides entertainment for the marginally-sane!

If you like comics, check out our Stories Wing.  Our patients there are graphic novels that focus mainly on action and super heroics.  We also have a few prose and poetry entries for those of you who like text more than pictures.

Our Videos Penitentiary features short comedic films  that range from God-Awful to Regular-Awful.  Hey, at least our video quality keeps getting better.

Last but not least, you can see the dedicated staff that keep our asylum's doors open and our patients lobotomized in our Personnel department.

Long-time fans will undoubtedly notice we've spruced the place up and added some new features.  For those of you keeping score at home, they include the following:

- Updated Character Bios for our comics Aporcypha and Superburbs!
Bonus content added to Apocrypha and Superburbs!
Every upload now lets you comment on them!

Because our site now features a comment function for our uploads, we've discontinued our forum board until further notice.

Besides those bells and whistles, you'll still find the same ham-fist...uh, great psychiatric care and entertainment you've come to expect from Thing Studios!  For those of you who need even MORE media saturation, look no further than our deviantART page and Dr. Sean's personal Facebook page.

There's still more to come, so get cozy in your favorite straight jacket and kick you feet up in the electro-shock chair!

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Arts and Crafts