You've seen movie critics, comics critics and even genre critics.  Now, there is a critic brazen enough to review an entire day!

But not just any day.  THE UNLUCKIEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Media Used:
"The Price is Wrong" from The Price is Right
Sunny Desktop from
"Carpe the Diem" from Clone High

Special Thanks To:
Bologna Taylor

Even the Day Critic needs a day or two off.  He'll be back to doing what he does best (bitching and moaning mostly) on Monday, the 16th.

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Posting Videos a Day Late



10/27/2015 1:35pm

Critics are always a part of everyone's life. They make you realize that we are doing anything which can be improved by taking appropriate steps. They also make your realize about your strengths and weaknesses.

07/16/2017 3:53am

This is so funny and unique at the same time! I've never seen any page that could be this unique. I finished watching the video laughing, and I am also not sure if what he was telling were all sensible. All I know is he was able to make me laugh, and I wanted to thank him for that. I am hoping you will post more videos with this format.

11/05/2015 1:53am

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08/29/2017 5:51pm

Critics exist because they've noticed something that's worth the attention. That doesn't mean, you'll be criticized because you've done something wrong. Please always take note that there is also good reviews and you need to be positive about that! Most of the time, critics will give constructive criticism. Use it as an idea that will help you improve!

02/27/2016 2:06am

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05/01/2016 4:51am

You are a great critic. I like your blog.

12/20/2016 4:19am

Day critic? Ha-ha, that's pretty funny. Your sense of humor is awesome.

01/25/2017 4:53pm

Taking criticism can be a difficult thing. At some point in this arts world so dependant on reviews and opinions, you will encounter a customer or audience member who wants to tell you how to do things better. It can be hard to deal with, after all, nobody likes to be told they're wrong. But it's not all bad news because sometimes you can use criticism to give you a competitive edge. Working with someone who is patient and able to receive and act on criticism means both parties can work towards a better outcome.

02/13/2017 12:56am

05/08/2017 4:56am

06/30/2017 11:44pm

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09/13/2017 10:46pm

Hope in the end, it would be a good day for you.

11/03/2017 8:56am

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