Hello, and welcome to Thing Studios.  We are an institution that provides entertainment for the marginally-sane!

If you like comics, check out our Stories Wing.  Our patients there are graphic novels that focus mainly on action and super heroics.  We also have a few prose and poetry entries for those of you who like text more than pictures.

Our Videos Penitentiary features short comedic films  that range from God-Awful to Regular-Awful.  Hey, at least our video quality keeps getting better.

Last but not least, you can see the dedicated staff that keep our asylum's doors open and our patients lobotomized in our Personnel department.

Long-time fans will undoubtedly notice we've spruced the place up and added some new features.  For those of you keeping score at home, they include the following:

- Updated Character Bios for our comics Aporcypha and Superburbs!
Bonus content added to Apocrypha and Superburbs!
Every upload now lets you comment on them!

Because our site now features a comment function for our uploads, we've discontinued our forum board until further notice.

Besides those bells and whistles, you'll still find the same ham-fist...uh, great psychiatric care and entertainment you've come to expect from Thing Studios!  For those of you who need even MORE media saturation, look no further than our deviantART page and Dr. Sean's personal Facebook page.

There's still more to come, so get cozy in your favorite straight jacket and kick you feet up in the electro-shock chair!

Sean Taylor
Ph.D, Arts and Crafts


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