So it turns out that Zachary and Justine were watching over Heques in the previous page.

For all of his showboating and spotlight-stealing, it turns out Zachary wasn't actually a bad guy, and was actually Heques' loyal friend right 'til the end.

For all of her dogmatic rules and obsession with order, Justine actually went outside the box to keep Heques from going to Hell for his crime. She even almost lets an emotion slip if you look at her dialogue.

How well I built the case might vary from reader to reader, but the main reason Heques wound up the way he is was that he couldn't get outside of his own head. Heques worked hard, but guys like Zachary worked harder and brought new ideas to the table. Heques was loyal, but he accepted everything at face value and never thought too much beyond what he was initially told; he never had a face-to-face encounter with God because he always assumed he wasn't allowed to or that the chance would come when it was good and ready. Essentially, Heques let life pass him by and didn't think of the future until it all came crashing in his face in a moment of rage and desperation.

While I intentionally left this story open-ended enough to make a sequel and a whole series in the future, there aren't any immediate plans to continue Apocrypha right now. I've heard conflicting reports about the script and artwork, so I need to get a game plan for whether or not I'm going to recreate this story so that it will be more marketable before I can move on to the next stage of Heques' life.


This story is incredible and it is very nice for kids. Through pictures we can understand the story and kids like the funny and angels stories. I am waiting your next post bout the stories.


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