Gameplay footage of WWE: Smackdown vs Raw 2010.  The game's always let you create your own wrestlers and one of my favorite recurring fighters was Jay Smith.

Jay Smith speaks with an impenetrably-thick Texan brogue and has an ego even thicker.  Aside from frequently taunting during matches, he dresses up in increasingly-ridiculous outfits that he (and he alone) thinks look cool.  Unlike other egotists, however, Jay Smith tries to spread his greatness to others so that everyone can be just as great as he is...How he goes about doing that is anyone's guess.

This guy might show up in one of my future stories, but prolly not as a wrestler...Well, not as his primary job anyhow.


10/30/2015 12:16am

Wrestling is also a profession a lot of good wrestling take their profession and entertain the people of the society. A years and years practiced they become superstars and the world know them with their names.

05/15/2016 8:49pm

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