You've seen movie critics, comics critics and even genre critics.  Now, there is a critic brazen enough to review an ENTIRE DAY!

Media Used:
"The Price is Wrong" from The Price is Right
Sunny Desktop from
"Carpe the Diem" from Clone High

Special Thanks To:
Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones,



03/02/2017 12:40am

thank you

12/29/2017 4:52am

Everything about the video is indeed entertaining. I mean even though you are just sitting there, drinking something and I guess it's a beer, talking and explaining things, you still made my day! I love how you give your critic and share your opinions with us. After watching this one, I get really excited with your other videos! Some people might disagree with me, but I have to say that you are worth watching and waiting. Please do update and post another day critic video soon!


Lots of the comedian exists in the love but only a few touch the good level. I see this video in which this guy has the good ability to show their talent. This man needs lots of the improvement and I am sure he will be a success.

12/27/2017 4:47pm


02/01/2018 12:32pm

Critics comments may help you to overcome your issues as stated so don't take it personal because when I started online business soon after few weeks I got the same response which first of all, frustrated me but when I realized about, I though it can improve my worth if I can overcome this issue and get rid of that.


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