A commission I took out from Jack Crowder.
Under the impression that "Co-Ed Super Hero Team" is another word for "dating," Hero tries to steal a smooch.  Princess Drill Hands is quick to POINT out his mistake.



06/28/2016 1:26pm

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07/02/2017 8:34am

One of the best portrayals of why people should always ask for consent. This is a perfect example of how someone should deal with a situation where someone tries to disrespect them. In this picture, we can see how the guy didn’t ask the girl for her permission to kiss her. It is important that we understand how important the message of this picture is. A lot of people are being traumatized with instances like this. We must always ask someone’s consent because if not, we are violating their rights.

08/10/2016 6:32am

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