Before we get started with Apocrypha, I'd like to take a minute to thank some fallen friends and family for their love and support. Regrettably, they didn't get to see the release of my first comic, but hopefully they're up in Heaven...wondering where I came up with all of these crazy angel names.

Thank you Mr. McDade, Aunt Sandy and Curly for all your love and support.

Moving along, say hello to the crew that brought Apocrypha to your door.

Writer- Sean Taylor...Hey, that's me!
Penciler- Sarah Irgang, (deviantART Tumblr)
Inker- Sean Taylor (thanks to Adobe Illustrator)
Letterer- Sean Taylor...Wow, I really get around.
Cover Art- Mark Brodowski

...Yes, this was written some time ago. Anywho, let's get this show on the road and start reading!


04/07/2017 10:22pm

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