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Holy crap, this page is getting in late! Sorry for posting this page in so close to the buzzer folks. 10 hours of work and preparing for a trip tomorrow almost made me forget to update. 10 hours...Who am I trying to impress, like I have any real problems? Shut up me, you pretentious whiner.

Going back to things worth giving a crap about, you can see here that Heques is a much more dynamic fighter than your dime-a-dozen warrior or slow-and-steady soldiers like Justine. Aside from firing lasers like Wolverine did in that old X-Men arcade beat 'em up, Heques' entire suit is a weapon. Long claws adorn his fingers for slashing and stabbing, talons on his toes to match. The dreadlocks are just as lethal and, with concentration, can stretch and undulate to serve as razor-sharp whips. My favorite weapons, however, are Heques' trademark elbow spikes. They're not as original as I thought when I first designed them, but they're still the longest and most versatile weapons in his arsenal. Seen here, they are useful for slashing and stabbing enemies from all sides and...they just look cool.

But what's this? Lighting coming from the trench? Who's this Zachary? Only one way to find out...See you next week.