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This is Demiscus. I like Demiscus.

I probably spent more time designing Demiscus than I did on anybody else. You see, I got the idea that I really wanted to make a researched character with parallels to real life...for the sake of making a researched character with parallels to real life. To that end, I looked at random words that I thought sounded cool and came across "Damascus Knife," a ceremonial weapon held by high-ranking Nazi officers. I figured "Damascus" was a place, so I looked that up.

Turns out Damascus is the capital of Syria and one of the oldest cities in the world that's still inhabited. Damascus is commonly called "The City of Jasmine," so I looked up Jasmine flowers and integrated them into his armor (don't worry, he makes flowers work). Damascus also roughly translates to "Well-Watered Place," hence why Demiscus' body is composed of water (future stories may see Demiscus more accurately reflect Syria's geography). Then, of course, there were the hundreds of photos I scoured over of Middle Eastern armor from the Crusades, all of which inspired the rest of his ensemble...Oh, and his leaf-and-vines beard is based on Jafar from Disney's Aladdin.

Like how Justine influenced our concept of "Lady Justice," Demiscus' existence would go on to subconsciously inspire humanity, specifically those integral to Damascus' development and armor and weapons design during the Crusades. Keyword being "subconsciously;" wouldn't make much sense for a civilization to willingly model themselves after an evil (and low-ranking) angel.

Sadly, everything you see here is all I know about Damascus. For more information, click on this.