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Heques is a very easy guy to figure out. He fights everything face-to-face and his morals are pretty much his entire mindset. Demiscus, on the other hand, is a pragmatist in all matters of life. He knows how short Heques' temper is and that you can turn his whole world upside just by poking a hole in his logic. To that end, his words and mind games are sharper than any word and his weapons of choice by far. Heques and Demiscus have a running rivalry throughout the war, so eons of fighting each other have made them eerily familiar with one another.

When he isn't mind-screwing people, Demiscus uses his watery body like the T-1000 to take any shape he wants; ideal for dodging attacks and infiltrating enemy territory as tiny puddles. Like every fictional character with plant powers, the flowers on Demiscus' armor release toxic pollen to poison and blind enemies...Considering all of Apocrypha's angels are made of energy, however, their kind of poison works differently than poison that ails mortals of flesh and blood (just don't ask how). In any event, the pollen is razor sharp and flies out like darts, so it can stab into an enemy's body to boot. Considering Demiscus spends more of his time aggravating his enemies than actually assaulting them, the pollen is used more as a distraction and his shape-shifting keeps his foes at bay as they tire themselves out trying to hit him.