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And here, we see that not everything's rainbows and fist-bumps in the Heques-and-Zachary friendship. Do I detect some jealousy Heques?

I always felt that I didn't frame panel 3 very well. If you're having trouble telling what's going on, Zach's pretty much stealing Heques' kill. Considering Heques is all about honor and winning glory for him and his God, you can see how he wouldn't consider Zachary's intervention a "favor." In fact, it would seem downright obnoxious.

In case you don't recognize the sword in panel 4, it's Justine's. Yeah, she can't give Heques a single compliment or thanks, but Zachary somehow gets awarded by her. Hurm...

Fun Fact: Artist Sarah Irgang got the idea to have the angel Zachary defeated in panel 5 melted to death by Sailor Moon, if you can believe it. How did a show about girls wearing skirts get so metal!?