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Stepping outside of Heques' interpersonal dramas and going back to the war, we see that things aren't going so well for Team Lucifer. While he may have been charismatic and a great schemer to get this far, it's only logical that one will find themselves outgunned when they're fighting God Himself.

Here, Beelzebub seems concerned for Lucifer. While all of Lucifer's top brass joined his side for selfish reasons and are pretty wicked to their core, they have gone through a lot together. Beelzebub's reaction here is a mixture of "Oh crap! Did I pick the wrong side?" and genuine concern for Lucifer's well-being. You can't see it here, but even Apollyon, the guy who only wants to kill all life, has developed a respect for his comrades (the ones that are any good at their jobs at least). Of course, Apocrypha is told from Heques' perspective, so you'll never hear a nice word about the traitorous angels. If you want a more romantic/sympathetic depiction of Lucifer and his choir, read Paradise Lost by John Milton.

Meanwhile, Zachary doesn't seem so happy about the good guys' impending victory. It's always something with this guy, isn't it?

Fun Fact: In panel 2, you can see that just as the good guys have a Walking Cube angel, the bad guys have a Walking Triangle angel. Growing up on cartoons like G.I. Joe, Transformers and a little bit of Super Friends, I always liked the schticky idea of the good guys and bad guys having direct counterparts on their teams.