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Some readers had a difficult time deciphering what was going on in this page, so I'll clarify. Heques, justifiably pissed off at his position in life, is mulling over in his head why he got absolutely nothing out of the war while everyone else got rewards upon rewards. Of particular notice are the humans, named Adam and Eve. He can't understand why anybody, let alone God, would take interest in such lowly and ugly beings, so he naturally obsesses over them and watches them day and night.

It just happens to be that just as Heques started to watch the show, Adam and Eve were approached by the Serpent (unstated, but it's Lucifer enacting his revenge for losing the war) approached them and tempted them to eat the Apple of Knowledge. Heques doesn't know much about humanity and the Garden of Eden, but he DOES know that "Don't Eat the Apple" is the one and only law there. Once they were kicked out of Eden, an idea comes to Heques' mind...

Heques has also taken off his suit by this point. The suit that represented his adherence and dedication to God's rule.