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As I stated on Page 2, I was never completely satisfied with how comic books have handled angels and demons. Sure, Ghost Rider's awesome, but the bulk of his stories have been set on Earth and he didn't really feel like a force of Heaven/Hell until Jason Aaron got behind the wheel on his series. Spawn may have frequent-flier miles to Hell, but his series' emphasis on guns always made the angels and demons feel oddly mortal to me. Hellboy's more Lovecraftian than Biblical, so he's not really in the running. I really wanted to make angels and demons feel like something that is truly beyond humanity in age and power, so I took some liberties with the history and designs of angels.

Omnipotent beings like God tend to get bored when they have all the power but nothing to do with it. In Apocrypha, the Almighty created the angels to keep Him company throughout eternity. And if boredom’s what inspired Him to create in the first place, I figured He wouldn’t just limit His palette to humanoid creatures, but rather expand to any and all designs He could think of. The sky’s the limit for God’s creations…and He didn’t create the sky yet.

Unlike guys like Q, however, God appreciates the value of life and thusly doesn’t treat His angels like toys to be jerked around whenever He feels lik; He treats them with compassion gives them free will to do as they please. Unfortunately, eternal happiness doesn’t gel with some angels if it means even a moment of servitude. Say hello to our Inciting Incident...