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Swords are cool. Lasers are cool. Every angel in Apocrypha uses energy weapons of some kind, and Lady Justice is oft depicted with a sword, so it was only natural to give Justine a laser sword. Anime fans may see that Justine's sword was directly inspired by Kuwabara's blade from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Justine is all about law and order, so she's very rigid in most aspects of life, including her fighting style. Like Darth Vader, she's slow, but precise and powerful. While most other angels rely on giant laser beams to destroy enemies from afar, or use athletic maneuvers to avoid taking damage, Justine only needs her sword to block and strike. You don't get to be a commander in God's army just by being a rule-loving stick in the mud after all.

Even commanders have their limits though. With her squad on the run, Justine has more to worry about than that cyclops she just killed...