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A short script I wrote for a character created by the delightfully-insane Chynna Miller. I use "Glassbender" as a tentative name here, but Kanna hasn't made a definitive name yet, nor are her powers set in stone. You can find a pic of Glassbender here.

In this story, Glassbender battles a super villain named Masque of the Red Scare. I created Masque in a random conversation with Chynna; based partly off her appearance. Chynna drew an awesome picture of her here . Bonus points to anybody who guesses what she's named after.

There are no concrete plans for Glassbender and Red Scare right now, nor is this script indicative of anything they're gonna be up to (or if they'll ever even meet in our stories). Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the read.

PS- Because everybody who read this so far asked about it, I guess I should tell you about Miami Vice. It was a crime-solving show in the 80's. Took place in Miami (shocker, I know), was a comedy with an emphasis on action and one of the characters was a butler named Tattoo. You now know everything I know about the show.