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They told me to write about trees. I wrote about trees...

This was an assignment for my Writing for Nature class when I went to Stockton College of New Jersey. It's over 3-years-old, but it still impressed me when I looked at it again, so I figure I'd upload it. Can never have too much content, right?

Only problem is, I have no idea what it is. It's not exactly a poem, but it's not structured enough for a short story either. I filed it as a "Free Verse Poem;" are there any poetry buffs out there that can set me straight?

And, in the interest of fairness, this is partially based on my distaste for leaving my house, partially based on fantasy over-exaggerating. Thank you trees for all of the oxygen and fruits you give us...you evil bastards.

-- Writing for Nature teacher: John Connor (Yeah, he's heard the jokes.)
-- Stockton's website
-- Tree image found here

PS- In case you're wondering, the class assignment was called "When I think of Trees," but I named my entry "Green With Despair."  That's why the file has a different title than what I call it.