Thing Studios presents a parody music video of Billy Joel's Piano Man.  If you like Billy Joel, if you like literally-interpreted lyrics, or if you like watching video shot in poor lighting conditions, this is the video for you!  There's also some cameos to spot if you like paying attention to detail!  YAAAAAAY!

Music- Billy Joel
Writer- Sean Taylor
Director- Sean Taylor
Camera Operator- Sean Taylor
Actors and Actresses- Paul Wilson (Piano Man), Bill Foley (Old Man), Edwin Taylor
                                              (Davey still in the Navy), Brian Brickner (John at the Bar), William                                               McDade (Paul the Real Estate Novelist), Bill Murray
                                              (Businessman), Mary Taylor (Waitress), Michael Muzzerino (The

In loving memory of William James McDade III, June 18, 1962-March 25, 2011

* Piano Man is created by Billy Joel and copyrighted by Billy Joel and Sony Music Entertainment

* Cobra Commander and Cobra Commander helmet are trademarked by Hasbro