Absolutely GORGEOUS picture I commissioned from Kros2692.  Princess Drill Hands sporting her formal-wear drills AND what may or may not be her new haircut.
Can you believe this only cost $20!?

A commission I took out from Jack Crowder.
Under the impression that "Co-Ed Super Hero Team" is another word for "dating," Hero tries to steal a smooch.  Princess Drill Hands is quick to POINT out his mistake.


Everyone knows a Noir detective (or "intern" if you ask the Averageton Police) is at home in the world of color.  With this in mind, series artist Chynna Miller made this kick-ass black-and-white version of her previous kick-ass gift (see below).

Kick-ass birthday gift from series artist Chynna Miller.
"Detective" August O'Neil in all of his Noir, smoke-screen projecting glory.

Kick-ass Christmas gift from series artist, Chynna Miller.
Hero (center, front), Springy (left), Princess Drill Hands (right) and Deadbolt (center, back).